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Flutter of Wings

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

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My friend Alexandra sent me a link in 2009 to this site where a woman posted daily writing challenges. This site was Skrivpuff. And I was immediately intrigued by the idea, put together my first story and uploaded it to my website, Emerald Seraph. At the time I just uploaded it there just because. But then I started thinking that maybe I should build a site for the writing I publish online. The idea was born but it took me a while to get my ass in gear, pardon the French.

But the autumn 2010 I managed to take hold of the project and worked on it. Flutter of Wings is the result you see before you now. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Author Profile

Name: Cassandra
Zodiac: Aquarius/Horse (metal)
Personality: hot-headed, dreamer, cynical, nice, patient, quiet, stop, protective, absent-minded, hardworking
Gender: Female
Short biography: She has been writing stories since she first learnt how to write. In fact her teacher encouraged her to write the short, illustrated fairytales that begun a lifelong interest in writing.
      But her more serious writing efforts began in 2001 as a form of self-therapy. Since then she’s been writing short-stories, poetry, novels, articles etcetera. She was an active journalist for a webzine for a couple of years, before she quit. She’s also been published in magazines, as well as a anthology.
      She is influenced by writers like Anne Rice, Jesse Hajicek, Haruki Murakami, Stephen King and Linda Skugge.
      She writes a little everyday and participated in her first NaNoWriMo in 2010, which has been a success. She hit 50,000 within the second week.
      The goal is to become a fulltime author and she works stubbornly towards that goal.
Contact: flutterofwings@lacrimamens.com
Sister sites Emerald Seraph

Quote "Fill the paper with the breathings of your heart" is by William Wordsworth. Layout is made by C.R.M. Nilsson with help of HTML codes from Dynamic Drive. Script for 3D styled text is written by Software Angel, Inc.
Graphics are by this amazing site that gave you free graphics for non-commercial use. I've been backtracking my steps, but I can't find the site. I've found other sites using the images, but not the site itself. If anybody can find it for me, please let me know.

Terms of Use
Please understand that the ”Terms of Use” are here for both your protection and mine; they are here to clearly state the boundaries of how material on this website may be used. These terms are legally binding and might be altered at any time.

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2. You are permitted to save C.R.M. Nilsson’s artwork or stories onto your own computer. But that is only for personal viewing. Under no matter what circumstance are you allowed to repost stories and artwork onto to other sites. This is still valid if C.R.M. Nilsson feels the need to remove works from the site and they are not to be reposted if she reserves the right to do so.

3. You may print and display Nilsson’s work for private use only; all other reproduction is prohibited. This means that her works are not to be compiled on a CD, software or other reproducible media; especially not if the compilation has a financial aim.

4. You may quote from material on the site, but only if you clearly credit (name, link).

5. Using Nilsson’s artwork to represent your characters, as preview images in written works, or anything that equals borrow/taking, is prohibited without being granted permission, which again will have to be obtained by contacting Nilsson.

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8. Please refrain from using her works anywhere that promotes war, hate, child abuse, bigotry, racism, animal abuse and/or illegal pornographic activities.

Any violation against these terms will result in Nilsson taking steps to get her works off your website (or wherever else you may use them). In easier language: simply do not use her works without permission. Permission may be obtained by contacting her (Contact).

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Authorised Posting of Fic
As the title suggests, it's a list of fics where I myself might have posted fic elsewhere or have given others permission to do so. If found elsewhere, they've been stolen.


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